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Zagoraki (Tsepelovo)


The struggle of our little friends! 23/07/22 A few words about Zagoraki The goal is the contact of children with running in nature through a recreational activity while emphasizing the values ​​of sports. For the children's race 1km. Children from 3 to 12 years

Zagoraki (Tsepelovo)2022-05-09T14:16:38+03:00

Entry Race 10km Tsepelovo


An entry race to mountain running in Zagori. 24/07/2022 09:00 A few words about Entry Race 10km The Entry Race 10km race is back revamped in the Zagori Mountain Running 2021! The route starts from Tsepelovo’s High School, and after

Entry Race 10km Tsepelovo2022-05-09T14:13:04+03:00

Half Marathon 21km Tsepelovo


Half Marathon on the mountain complex of Timfi 24/07/2022 08:00 A few words about Half Marathon 21km The Half Marathon 21km race returns renewed!The route starts from Tsepelovo High School and we move clockwise. The first 2.6km have a downhill slope on a dirt road.

Half Marathon 21km Tsepelovo2022-05-09T14:12:39+03:00

Marathon+ 44km Tsepelovo


A mountain Marathon crossing the Timfi mountain complex. 23/07/2022 06:00 A few words about Marathon+ 44km The renewed and fulfilling race of 44km, follows a circular route of 2.600m elevation gain. This mountain marathon is a big challenge for your personal

Marathon+ 44km Tsepelovo2022-05-09T14:12:18+03:00

TeRA 80km Tsepelovo


A landmark race in the history of Ultra Mountain Running 23/07/2022 04:30 A few words about TeRA 80km TeRA is an ultra trail race of 80km and 5.100m of elevation gain. It starts at 04.30 with total time limit 20hrs,

TeRA 80km Tsepelovo2022-05-09T14:11:57+03:00
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