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National Park of Vikos-Aoos

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National Park of Vikos-Aoos
National Park of Vikos-Aoos
National Park of Vikos-Aoos
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National Park of Vikos-Aoos

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National Park of Vikos-Aoos

The gorge of Vikos in Epirus is called "Grand Canyon of Greece"!

It is the largest gorge in the world according to the Guinness Book, starting from the bridge of Kokoros and ending on the Voidomatis bridge

The gorge of Vikos is one of the most important sights of Zagori and the prefecture of Ioannina in general.

It is considered one of the best gorges in the world and certainly one of the best in Europe.

Geographically, the gorge of Vikos is located in the area of Zagori and extends between the villages of Tsepelovo and Klidonia, from central Zagori to shortly before Konitsa. Also, near the gorge are the villages: Kapesovo, Koukouli, Kipoi, Vradeto, Monodendri, Aristi, etc.

The Vikos Gorge is 12 km long and the Voidomatis river flows. The maximum height of the ravine is 1100 meters, while its average opening is about 200 meters. At its narrowest point, the canyon has a width (opening) of only 2 meters.

In the middle of the canyon it joins another big ravine of the area, Megas Lakos, which starts from the Tymfi mountain and ends up in the Vikos gorge.

The area has very important flora and fauna. The flora of the area includes rare herbs, many of them with medicinal properties. There are also 5 species of plants in the area that are not found anywhere else in the world.

The fauna includes many rare species (eg water toy, snowdrops, blacksmith, golden eagle, crosshair, etc.). Also, the area is a haven for species such as wild boar, wild boar, deer, wild cat, bear, etc.

For this reason, since 1973 it has been designated a National Park and protected. The area of the gorge is the core of the Vikos Aoos National Park.

You can enjoy the view of the gorge from the villages of Monodendri (in the place of Oxia), near Vradeto (at Belois site) and from the village of Vikos. The view of the gorge from these spots is literally magnificent and makes the visitor admire the splendor of the wild continental nature.

The visitor can also descend to the ravine from many villages of Zagori and enjoy the path to the marked paths that cross the area.

The crossing of the entire gorge lasts about 6 hours and offers the visitor the opportunity to get to know the flora and fauna of the area in the best way.

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